Meet Our Team

With over 20 years of combined health and fitness experience, our team is backed by evidence-based practice and years of study and practice. Our team includes certifications in health coaching, strength and conditioning, injury prevention, psychology, nutrition, meditation, energy work, reiki, and more. We also have full-time nutrition coaches on our staff. In addition, our team has competed at high levels of fitness including physique competitions, high-level athletics, and sports. 

Coach Gabriel

Gabriel Zhanay

Gabriel Zhanay is a men's physique athlete as well as leading expert in the field of vegan fitness. He went vegan 3 years ago after seeing the connection between his spiritual practice and eating habits and became vegan overnight after he realized the suffering created by eating animals. He's written dozens of articles on vegan fitness in addition he's written two comprehensive e-books on vegan fitness. He's also a PN2 Master Health Coach and NASM Certified Personal Trainer as well as being the founder of Vegan Fitness Redefined. 

Coach Anna

Anna Zhanay

Anna Zhanay is VFR's Head Coach as well as being a Lv2 reiki practitioner. She's been vegan for over 7 years and became vegan due to years of health and skin issues. Her motivation for being vegan is her compassion for the health of others and animals. She's also the nutrition genius behind dozens of high-protein and well-balanced vegan meals for VFR. She's the co-founder of Vegan Fitness Redefined in addition to being a PN2 Master Health Coach.