My Fellow Vegan Hero

Are You Ready To Conquer Your Self-Esteem and Become The Bold Vegan Leader You Deserve To Be?

Finally, A Vegan Leader Reveals His 5 Step System On How He Transformed Himself From Struggling With Self-Esteem To Becoming A Fit Vegan Inspiration In Less Than 3 Years. 

Dear Vegan Sibling,

You and I have never met but there’s a couple of things we do have in common...

  1. We LOVE personal growth, value ALL life, and want to be a symbol of hope for others.
  2. Our constant struggle with self esteem and our DESIRE to become a HERO for our family, society and above all for this world.

I hear you.

And I’m with just bear with me so I can explain exactly how I made the shift from being unfit, incongruent and frustrated vegan (with LOW levels of confidence or self-belief) to...

Becoming a powerful vegan leader who’s helped 100’s of clients become fit, confident, and BELIEVE in themselves again. 

Oh and I’ll show you exactly how to:

✅How to drop 10-20 pounds of stubborn fat WITHOUT spending countless hours in the gym and kitchen.

✅How to pack on 5 pounds, 10 pounds, or even 15 pounds of lean, rock-hard muscle (while staying lean year-round) even if you’re worried about the protein requirement..

✅How to transform into positive vegan health and fitness inspiration for your family, community, and business. 

✅How to create unshakeable confidence, congruence, and consistency in your happiness, wealth, and health.

So that you can have day-long energy, feel strong ,lean, confident and powerful in your mind and body,

And this NEW added energy could help your breakthrough limiting financial ceilings that have been holding you back depending on HOW confident you really become...

So imagine this...

  • Imagine how would you feel when you look in the mirror and SMILE joyfully 
  • And finally, you can be proud of your body and yourself.
  • Imagine having an Unshakable CONFIDENCE to take your current/new love relationship to NEW level.
  • Plus how would it make a difference in your life ,business, and relationship when you are feeling IN ALIGNMENT throughout your entire day

But there’s one thing that’s stopping you from a completely different life.

And I’ll tell you in a minute why you keep falling off track again and again (and why it continues to erode your self esteem).

If you fix this ONE thing, I can guarantee you’ll never have to feel that way again… (Hint: It’s not about nutrition and workout plan)

It’s the secret behind every successful person in ANY industry but it’s so OBVIOUS 95% of people ignore it and get caught up in shiny object syndrome (but you won’t after reading this, tbh). 

But before we get carried away, amigo, let’s backtrack a hot minute.

Who Am I To Make Such Outrageous Vegan Claims?

My name's Gabriel Zhanay. There’s a chance we’ve met. Or not. 

Regardless, here's a bunch of certs and awards so you can see that I’m a real human being (keep scrolling).


So yes, I’m a coach. I’m also a FIRM believer in the power of your MIND… and the vast potential that lies within your grasp. 

And yes, I’ve had the opportunity to help over 100+ people worldwide achieve their goals of building muscle, losing fat and more importantly...

REGAIN their SELF-BELIEF in WHO they are and what they’re becoming each day.

I mean c’mon, it’s basically my responsibility to help you “laser focus” your time and effort on what really works on packing powerful muscle...eliminating stubborn fat… and crafting an INVINCIBLE mind...while steering you away from what really fails to work.

That way you don’t waste hours of valuable time and energy in the gym for little-or even worse no results. #novgains 

And yes, I do know what I’ve been talking about as an athlete for nearly 20+ years and weight lifter for 10+ years...oh and vegan athlete for the past 3+ years.

So I've got an idea of what I'm sharing with you. 

And if there’s one thing I’ve realized over the years, it’s that practical “hands-on” experience is WHAT makes the difference for vegans like you and me to accelerate lean muscle and speed up fat loss...

While creating a powerful mind and INVINCIBLE self-belief in yourself along the way. 

So quick story...

Even though I grew up as an athlete and was involved in sports since 5, I never truly felt confident in my body. 

Even though I identified as an ‘athlete’ and even trained like one for over 2 decades, there was a disconnect between

...what my body looked like and what I imagined it could look like.

It took me over 10 years to understand this little-known process which 99% of people in the fitness industry never end up understanding… but before I do, let me backtrack to 5 years ago. 

I’ve been strength training and working out consistently for over 10 years and coaching for nearly 5 years.

Yet, 5 years ago was a pivotal moment - a moment when personal growth and fitness really became the focus of my life…

I was tired of the way I felt, of not feeling confident, incongruent, and inconsistent with my workouts, nutrition, and mind.

I had little to no self-esteem after years of conditioning and limiting beliefs that had surrounded my mind since I was a child and things seemed to be getting harder and harder each year. 

The tipping point was when my current relationship ended after a heart-breaking moment and I felt lost and confused with no purpose in life.

Yet, the transformation that I experienced here was just the first step - fast forward to... 

3 years ago, when I became vegan

I had dived deeper into personal development, spiritual growth, and taken my fitness to a whole new level.

Yet, my fitness, mind, and physique were still miles away from what I had in mind. 

Although I was consistent with my workouts - I never felt like my body captured the inspiring image in my mind’s eye, the image of self-actualization and inspiration, a positive example to help empower others. 

Becoming vegan changed a LOT for me.

I connected even more deeply with my spiritual practice as a Buddhist. 

I began to see the interconnection between all beings, food, and our planet...and I decided it was time for a serious and permanent transformation in my physique, mind, and health. 

I woke up one morning while living in Bristol, United Kingdom and I remember strolling past our bedroom mirror…

  • Looking at my belly in the mirror and realizing that it looked 3 months pregnant
  • I felt like my chest was more jiggly rather than strong
  • I was embarrassed when my family made fun of my man-boobs
  • I was struggling with feeling incongruent as a vegan athlete
  • I had tried working out 4x weekly, tracking my workouts, tracking my food, adding more vegan protein, and sleeping more.
  • I felt annoyed because I was doing my workouts, eating vegan protein, yet I felt like I was moving further and further away from my ideal vegan physique.
  •  I also had put on 30 pounds of fat which I told myself was lean muscle (even though my stomach had gotten bigger over the past 2 years). 

As a vegan, I felt overwhelmed by all of my knowledge and frustrated at my lack of results in my vegan physique. 

I knew I needed support and accountability but I felt resistant because I felt like I knew it all. 

Then one day I told myself…


Had enough of figuring out myself and getting frustrated and feeling incongruent.

And I stopped and reached out to a high-level mentor who could support me in my fitness journey.

What I’ve realized with training with my mentor is that I was making blundering mistakes….

And when I look back I laugh at myself and wonder why the heck I was making these mistakes

And Maybe you are making these mistakes too...

Look I was:

  • Trying to do everything in my vegan fitness by myself
  • Trying to add more workouts, reduce my favorite vegan foods, yet feeling burned out and overwhelmed
  • Listening to wayyyyy too many different fitness experts without choosing one option that works for my life
  • Making myself feel bad for not reaching my vegan fitness goals and feeling incongruent in my mind and body
  • Sacrificing my business growth and physique goals by trying to do so much at once

So why am I telling you all this…

Because I WANT you to WIN and avoid my mistakes... (yes, I’m like your big brother so stop this).

Which is why I felt INSPIRED to create a 5 step system to completely transform you physically, mentally, and spiritually... and REVEAL the leader within you (and we’ll chat about that in a sec). 

But there’s one other thing I wanted to share with you… which is what I realized was the ROOT of my problems and WHY I never created the PERMANENT transformation I knew that I deserved. 

I was reading a book called ATOMIC HABITS by James Clear.

And one of the concepts that I read there, dramatically shifted my perspective 180 degrees on HOW I look at fitness FOREVAAAAAAA. 

James Clear calls it:


According to Clear:

'The key to building lasting habits is by focusing on creating a new identity first. As Clear mentions in his second chapter of his book 'Atomic Habits':

'Your current behaviors are simply a reflection of your current identity.'

What you do now is a mirror image of the type of person you believe that you are (whether you're aware of this or NOT). 

If you're interested in PERMANENT transformation, then changing what you BELIEVE about yourself is the FIRST STEP. 


I'm glad ya asked... here's your vegan recipe to life-long success in ANYTHING YOU DO. 

Build identity-based habits.

Clear gives us another brilliant example here: 

"We might start by saying “I want to lose weight” or “I want to get stronger.”

If you're lucky, someone might say, “That's great, but you should be more specific.”

So then you say, “I want to lose 20 pounds” or “I want to squat 300 pounds.”

'These goals are centered around outcomes, not identity.'

As Clear mentions above (and backs up with countless studies), the real SECRET to life-long transformation as a vegan leader who cares about our planet, animals, and health is simple: FOCUS on who you want to BECOME.¹

So here's 3 levels of change which happens inside of us below:

According to this model, there's 3 MAIN ways you can go about creating transformation in your life:

The three layers of behavior change are:

  1. Change in your outcomes
  2. Change in your processes
  3. Or a change in your identity

Here is Clear's 3 Step HABIT Change Process

✅The first layer is changing your outcomes. 

This level is concerned with changing your results: losing weight, crafting lean muscle mass, attracting romantic partners, becoming role models for your family and others.

Most of the goals you set are associated with this level of change.

✅The second layer is changing your process. 

This level is concerned with changing your habits and systems: implementing a new routine at the gym, new nutrition plan, a new mindset shift, or new habits like GMV which we teach in our 1-1 VIP coaching programs. 

Most of the habits you build are associated with this level.

✅The third and deepest layer is changing your identity.

And I LOVE this level because this is WHERE CHANGE TRULY HAPPENS. Clear mentions here:

'This level is concerned with changing your beliefs: your worldview, your self-image, your judgments about yourself and others. He also mentions that 'Most of the beliefs, assumptions, and biases you hold are associated with this level.'

And our VFR Methodology goes RIGHT to the heart of this layer (aren’t we the best?) So wrapping up Clear's example: 

👉Outcomes are about what you get. 

👉Processes are about what you do. 

👉Identity is about what you believe.

The true secret isn't becoming attached to your goals (outcomes) but rather on creating an UNSHAKEABLE and INVINCIBLE system of HABITS which allows you to fall back to your level of habits. Which means:

...the real problem lies in THE DIRECTION OF YOUR CHANGES.

Most people get CAUGHT in the pitfall of changing their habits based off of what they want to ACHIEVE. 

Which leads to outcome-based habits. 

The alternative is to build identity-based habits. With this approach (which is our specialty btw), you start by focusing on WHO you wish (and deserve) to become.

The Vegan Recipe Behind Permanent Hero Transformation

And it's much easier than you probably thought it was tbh...

According to Clear, there's two steps:

1. Decide the type of person you want to be.

2. Prove it to yourself with small wins.

For the first step, you just need to ask yourself.

 “Who is the type of person that could get the outcome I want?”

For example:

Want to feel confident, fit, and lean as a vegan leader each day?

Identity: Become the type of person who is confident, fit, and lean as a vegan leader every day

Daily evidence is the key here... the more you give PROOF to yourself that you are becoming the person you envision, the easier it becomes to see AMAZING results in your mind and body. And yes, it's really that simple. 

And it's even more important when you begin.

So if you're SERIOUS about change then: 


Because your CHARACTER is a key indicator of WHO you are each day - so instead of getting caught in the labyrinth of result-based habits -----> DECIDE what kind of character you are choosing to become TODAY. 

Planting one flower here and there does not make a garden—just as exercising once and a while does not build an identity.

Planting flowers every day will certainly make a lovely garden.

And for the second step, our VFR Lv 1 Accelerator Program will help you step-by-step to build and craft a new identity and a newer version of you.



Vegan Fitness Redefined Accelerator Lv1 Program

A Coaching Program, Unlike Others… (or so I’m told)

We’re not just a fitness company, we're a leadership and personal development company that focuses on developing you to the highest level possible in your mind, body, spirit in order to UNLOCK the leader and HERO within you. 

  • Of course, you’ve probably read a few books on vegan diet and fitness in general. Or listened to some mindset strategies like visualization techniques, gratitude, or even a bit of meditation...
  • Maybe you’ve watched some videos on YouTube or listened to a few podcasts.
  • Maybe you’ve even bought fitness programs meant to help you build confidence and the body of your dream.
  • Maybe over the last few years you’ve tried different sorts of things like intermittent fasting or caloric deficits.

❌And yet - here you are - still not confident and happy with yourself

❌Still you’re not in ALIGNMENT with what you are doing.

❌And still you're not proud of your body when you look at yourself in the mirror.

Why it didn’t work

It didn’t work because you were probably missing one or all of the 5 systems which I’ve developed over the last 5 years.

This program is all about specialized guidance, 1-1 coaching, and mentorship...

...(and I do MEAN real coaching - this word is thrown around too often these days, but this is the real deal, my friend, we slice the extra fluff right off...)

In your journey, we'll help you accelerate past all the pitfalls, mental obstacles, and physical challenges you’ll inevitably face because you will face many (like Luke while training with Yoda…)

I’ll be honest; it’s gonna take some work on your end… but we can still have FUN each step of the way. 

Vegan Fitness Redefined 5-Step Process:

  • Focus on your mind (daily GMV practice)
  • Setup up accountability systems
  • Setup energy balance system
  • Setup strength training system
  • Track and review progress with your coach every week

Our VFR Signature 5 Step Process

#1: VFR Accelerator Course 

The key to your life-long success in ANY endeavor lies in repetition...which is why we designed a simple and effective blueprint which you can review OVER and OVER again ----> aren’t videos the best? ;)

Once you’re inside the Accelerator, you get immediate access to our signature level 1 course which outlines the hero's blueprint to go from incongruent, inconsistent vegan to stepping forward as a fit, strong, vegan leader EVERY day. 

Here’s a sneak preview: 

  • What is GMV and how practicing these 3 HABITS can permanently transform your mind and body.
  • The secret behind the vegan winner’s mindset (and why you’ve probably failed in your prior fitness attempts)
  • The key mistakes most vegans make in their nutrition and workout plan strategies (and how you can unlock your dream vegan physique TODAY)
  • How to make your vegan nutrition so SIMPLE you can’t help but WIN every day and week (while enjoying your favorite vegan delights)
  • How to craft a vegan high-performance so powerful that other people can’t help but feel inspired by your example

#2 Weekly Check-in Calls: Accountability

🔰Imagine having the RIGHT support every week no matter what…while having FUN and enjoying your growth? 

🔰Imagine FINALLY having the RIGHT person in your life who will hold you accountable as you grow each step of the way.

🔰Imagine FINALLY overcoming your excuses and procrastination.

🔰Imagine FINALLY moving out of your own way and doing whatever it takes to reach your desired goals.

🔰Imagine how your confidence and self esteem will FINALLY skyrocket and you can step forward as the LEADER you were born to be.

#3 Communication

✅1-1 support for all of your questions and concerns (and yes there’ll be many questions - which is what makes you such a great Padawan)

✅Stop doing the guesswork. No more confusion. No more overwhelm. Exactly what you NEED, how you need it. We make it SO simple for you to win that stress literally melts away from your life while having daily support to guide you each step of the way. 

✅So yes, we’ve got cool features like voice notes and 6 days weekly coaching… but more importantly we GIVE you the tools to become empowered and self-sufficient while becoming more confident in your ability with the Force each day.

#4 Our Rockstar Vegan Community

‘Always his mind wandering...never his mind where he is RIGHT now!’ 

~exclaimed Master Yoda

⏩That’s what makes our VFR community so priceless. You immediately stay FOCUSED on the task at hand. And start to WIN every week because of the sheer force of positive wins every week from our 300+ community members. 

⏩Questions. Support. Like-minded human beings. Just like you. 

Each person grows in their transformation to reveal the HERO within. 

⏩Things aren’t going your way? That’s why you have a circle of support around you - to connect and share with others too. 

Pretty cool, right? 

Inspire. Share your wins. And ultimately help others become EVEN better versions of themselves as well. 

Become the inspiration you were meant to be - then help others remember their potential too. Isn’t that what this is all about? 

#5 Vegan Fitness Redefined Coaching App

Fitness made simple: for extraordinary vegan heroes

✔️Vegan nutrition demystified so that you can shred fat, feel confident, and transform the way you look, feel, and perform. Have a nutrition system designed specifically for YOUR life with the accountability to hold you on track (while still enjoying your favorite vegan delights)

✔️Simple and effective strength workouts designed for YOUR body, lifestyle, and goals - without the extra fluff. Walk powerfully into your training center and regain clarity on EXACTLY what movements you need to perform to shred fat quickly, craft lean muscle, and reveal new levels of BOLDNESS with each workout.  

✔️ Powerful one-on-one habit coaching so you're able to LIVE WITH INTENTION and PURPOSE and avoid the stop-start cycle that 99% of humans (and leaders) experience every year (plus our
bonus vegan secret sauce for building momentum in your fitness... even if you've 'failed' before. 

✔️ Real guidance from experienced coaches so you can know exactly what to DO, when to do it, and HOW to do... while having fun and growing to NEW LEVELS of health, happiness, and even wealth each day (#health=#wealth). 

 Application Process


You apply below

Let’s be honest. This isn’t for everyone. We WILL make your WINS, your everyday reality.

Which is why we REQUIRE a certain level of commitment. 

That means we ONLY select humans who resonate with our commitment levels and values.


Schedule your 1-1 VFR Executive Briefing Call

This is our version of a ‘free consultation’... except 100x better. Why?

Because after this call (whether we work together or not), you’ll be SO CLEAR on your goals, challenges, and solution specifically for YOUR life that you’ll have a SIMPLE and EFFECTIVE strategy you could take and apply immediately to your life today. 


Next Steps

Regardless of the outcome of our call, we’ll both have a CLEAR idea of whether or not we would even be a good fit to work together. 

To be honest, at the level we’re currently at - we’re ONLY interested in working with serious vegans who LOVE to WIN and HAVE FUN... and understand that these are the KEYS to unlocking your best potential. 

Zen Proverb

'When the student is ready… the teacher will appear.'

What other people have to say about our coaching process...


Apply if this is you...

So should you apply? Depends is this is you:

If you’re a vegan leader (professional, entrepreneur, or anyone in a leadership position - including parents, teachers, or community leaders) then this may the page you were meant to be on RIGHT now (#lawofvibration #noaccidents)

And if you identify with any of the following:

  • Compassion
  • Learning AND application
  • Health and fitness
  • Financial stability 

📖Or if you have a DEEP BURNING DESIRE to become a positive example of leadership, heroism, and want to RADIATE vegan fitness and health...

📖Or if you’re ready to create unshakeable confidence, congruence, and consistency in your happiness, wealth, and health. 

And most importantly...

📖The strength of your desire (your level of commitment) will determine whether or not you succeed permanently in your leadership, fitness, and life tbh (not just a couple months here or there, right?). 

10/10 commitment, 100% seriousness about your growth and transformation is what we expect from any new family member we accept into our family - and I mean family, 

Because we’re a tribe of dedicated, congruent, and inspiring vegan fitness leaders who are DETERMINED to empower others with our fitness and leadership abilities.

Will 9.9/10 Commitment or 99% Seriousness work?

No. It won’t. (Hint, hint: ONLY 100% commitment will unlock the vegan HERO within you…)

And if you’re not sure? Then, schedule a Vegan Executive Briefing so we can get crystal clear and determine your level of commitment to your life, fitness, and leadership growth. 

Imagine Looking at Yourself Proudly in The Mirror and Knowing that You’ve Become a Leader and Hero Who Empowers Others Daily

  • How about having more passion in your current relationship, making it even more special and romantic?
  • Or what about increasing your self-esteem and confidence to such HIGH levels you can’t help but attract your ideal soulmate?
  • How about waking up everyday and being in ALIGNMENT with your thoughts, words, and actions?
  • Or how about knowing that everyday with every action, you inspire others to grow too?

People in awe of you, wishing to know the secrets of “how you did it.” Or like really, ‘how did this person become so darn amazing??’

But a word of caution...



  • You’re not 100% committed to your vegan evolution
  • You’re not coachable (or don’t like learning)
  • You’re not financially stable
  • You’re not ready to invest your mind, body, and heart.
  • You’re not fun, aren’t resourceful, and don’t like growth

But if you’re ready to take action (and consider yourself to be a cool, fun vegan) then...

You’ll have a decision to make...

Which path will you choose?


Do It Alone

Continue to go at things by yourself. Experience frustration. Maybe see a bit of results in your mind and body.

Probably end up slipping backwards. Repeat cycle for the next 5, 10, 20+ years...

‘Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting to see a different result’ ~thanks Al!

You really don’t know what you don’t know. Until you know.

Don’t make the same mistakes naïve, arrogant Gabriel made for over 10+ years, spinning myself into confusion and overwhelm.

Be smart and examine yourself within.

And if you realize that you DESERVE to be a HERO everyday of your life...


Let us help you

Let me (and our VFR Team) point you in the right direction and guide you step-by-step as we ACTUALIZE your leadership and fitness goals.

Become the HERO you deserve to become.

Start with your DESIRE, cultivate your BELIEF, then move into SELF-ACCEPTANCE that you are perfect, complete, and whole - and you deserve to WIN everyday of your life too. 

Let’s unlock the hero within you TODAY...

I believe in you,

Gabriel A. Zhanay

Your Questions: Answered

Why do I need a coach? Why can't I just do this myself?

If you didn’t need a coach, you wouldn’t be on this page. Let’s be honest with each other. If you were able to figure out this whole leadership and fitness puzzle out by YOURSELF, you would have it handled already, right? 

So let’s just be real with each other: even the BEST athletes, CEO’s, and even monks have mentors and guides who help them unlock higher and higher levels of growth EVERY year. It's priceless. 

The choice is always within you… does it make sense to go another 5, 10, 20 + years trying to figure this out by myself? Or is it just my EGO which is holding me back from becoming the best version of myself and asking for help. 

Asking for HELP makes you a HERO (think of every Jedi, action hero, or spiritual hero on this planet - they always had a mentor or coach who helped them grow too). 

What will happen during my VFR Executive Briefing Call?

This is our version of a ‘free consultation’... except 100x better. Why?

Because after this call (whether we work together or not), you’ll be SO CLEAR on your goals, problems, and solution specifically for YOUR life that you’ll have a SIMPLE and EFFECTIVE strategy you could take and apply immediately to your life today. 

I’ve tried other coaching programs, how is it different?

True. But you haven’t met a coaching and leadership company that incorporates personal growth, fitness, nutrition, and leadership components into one unified system while specializing each component to YOUR life (while making it so much FUN you can’t help but WIN every week - yes, we’re that cool). 

So how much does it cost?

It really comes down to your NEEDS and GOALS.

However, money is something we ALWAYS work out for each person (and if you’re committed, money is NEVER an issue).

How do you track progress?

The scale will not, and should not be the only method to track weight and progress. 

  • Weight: Record your starting weight in your profile at the start of your program. 

  • Movement Screen: These are special video assessments where we can personally see your form as you perform specific exercises. 

  • Inches: Record your inch measurements under your profile (instructions are provided inside of your assessment form). 

  • Visual tracking: Take pictures front/side/back (instructions are provided inside of your assessment form). 

  • Commitment/Accountability: Check-in at the beginning of the session. Aim to complete at least 3-4 workouts a week. 

  • Strength: Record the weight used for every workout. Each week the goal is to increase the weight you use every set by 2-5 pounds (depending on your training level)

What's an overview of the VFR Lv 1 Accelerator Program?

Great question. I’m glad ya asked. Here’s what’s inside. 

  • 1-1 coaching every weekday (to stay on track when things get rough)
  • Weekly VFR Group Coaching Calls (for insights, community, and breakthrough moments)
  • Unlimited questions and comments via our 1-1 messaging standards and communication systems
  • Our private Vegan Fitness Redefined Community to support you each step of the way while having fun 
  • The Vegan Fitness Redefined Coaching App - for specialized strength workouts and vegan nutrition (made for YOUR life)
  • The Vegan Fitness Redefined Tracking Sheet - our signature spreadsheet designed for tracking your biometrics every day without feeling confused about your progress

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All Rights Reserved