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How To Create Your Fitness Dream Week

Tapping into your potential can be done every day. 

Whether that means helping with a new animal activism project, creating a new green space, or helping improve the environment, doing more for the world is something that’s deeply connected to your being.

It only makes sense when you look at how much the world needs to change and improve. 

Every step you take forward is a step forward for the world to be a better place too. 

Yet running out of time and feeling like you never have time to work out and eat healthily can lead to poor results like not being fit and strong. 

It takes courage to recognize that things aren’t working right in your schedule and that you need to make adjustments in order to maximize your potential and make every moment of your life worthwhile. 

The biggest mistake you’ll see busy plant-based professionals making constantly is sacrificing their FITNESS, their vital energy, for other projects which may not give them the same health benefits. 

This doesn’t need to happen ever again. 

Your fitness levels are a direct correlation to the amount of impact you can have in the world and your legacy.

Creating a sustainable business is similar to creating sustainable fitness levels.

They both take time, hard work, and self-belief… But once you have this firmly in place, the potential for growth is truly limitless. 

The key to setting up a sustainable level of fitness comes down to the way you structure your time. 

Without the right habits instilled into your daily life, finding the energy and enthusiasm for your work will be nothing more than a mere fantasy. 

There was a simple exercise that I encountered years ago when I went through my online coaching certification. 

One of the first exercises that we encountered in the program was learning how to set up our Dream Week.

Essentially what this exercise did was compile all of the things you would like to do in your ideal week.

It was one of the most uplifting exercises that I did because of the immense amount of pressure it relieved from my life. 

I realized at that moment, that it wasn’t that I was too busy and didn’t have enough time but rather my poor time management and organization that was holding me back. 

Realizing that helped me own my actions and inspired me to finish the exercise because of my renewed sense of responsibility.

Using the same framework, you can start to structure your week the same way using the same formula. 

Step 1: Create your Dream Week

Take out a piece of paper and pen. 

Studies show that writing by hand enhances the learning process and helps things stick better in your mind. 

Breathe deeply and close your eyes...Now think of everything that you want to do in your life. Work, family, hobbies, meals, travel, any and everything that you can think of, gather them inside of your mind and begin to unravel the mystery of structure.

As you slowly begin to gain clarity, open your eyes slowly. 

Pick up your pen and write out each life idea that you want to do every day in your dream week.

Remember this is your ideal week, the way YOU want to live it. 

After you gather all of your ideas (usually around 10-15 for a fully booked week), you can now move onto the next step where you start to make things real.

Step 2: Create your Structure

There seem to be people who constantly move forward every day and week while others struggle to get anything done.

The secret behind the people who grow consistently and those who don’t comes down to their schedules. 

Although it may seem trivial, without the structure in place, all the ideas that you wrote down on the paper will NOT become a reality unless they’re given their proper place inside your calendar.

Yes, this does require discipline and self-monitoring but the fact that you’re reading this means that you’re ready to grow to the next level. 

Being a busy plant-based professional doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice your fitness, nutrition, mental habits, or your plant-based lifestyle. 

It simply requires grit and commitment to your schedule and time blocks. 

You can do these several ways however, my stance is towards the digital version of your calendar for several reasons.

  • The notification that you receive each time you have a new task or time block is vital. Most people’s lives are spent on their phones and having a digital reminder that keeps you on track can make the difference between sticking to your daily time blocks and falling off. 
  • The second reason is having the digital version of your calendar is to enable agility. While it’s easy to think that once the schedule is written out, it’s set in stone - for everyone who’s ever written out a schedule in the history of schedules knows how life tends to throw us a curve-ball which can topple even the best-laid plans. 

Having the digital version of your calendar cultivates flexibility and the ability to be agile within your daily, weekly, and monthly calendar. 

The ability to react to life within your structure gives you back your freedom and also allows you to be a human being who isn’t rigid. 

Yes, there will be times when you’ll have an unexpected project, business trip, family event, or just need a break. Be fluid and let your structure allow you to grow more effortlessly. 

Step 3: Review

Review and assess your schedule every week.

Sometimes you have to do this on a daily basis but most times having a birds eye view of your weekly schedule can allow you to jump in and make any quick edits to further optimize your life. 

A good example would be having a reading block. 

Let’s say you have a reading block every Monday - Wednesday from 8-8:30 pm.

However since you’re growing more and keen to learn more you decide to amp up your learning and Thursday and Friday to the queue as well. 

Since you already have a recurring event from Monday - Wednesday optimizing Thursday and Friday to your weekly schedules requires nothing more than a simple adjustment in your schedule and the will to commit. 

Another note to add here is making sure you’re not overbooking your schedule each week. 

Far too often in my life, I’ve found myself overbooking and over-scheduling my life events and daily time blocks. Eventually this will lead to frustration, unnecessary worry, and burnout. 

When you create your Dream Week, remember this is your DREAM WEEK - the week where you have your dream lifestyle. 

Even if it’s not ideal in the beginning because you may have to work more, do more, or relax less, the key takeaway is every week you’re able to move closer to living the ideal week of your life each week of your life. 

Make this a priority this week and you'll be surprised at how much less stress you’ll experience while also having time for all the things that matter.

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