Interested in the Coaching Process? Here's a few answers to help guide you along your journey. 

How does online coaching work?

Coaching sessions will be delivered through our exclusive coaching App, Vegan Fitness Redefined

Sessions will be posted inside of our App for each monthly MESOCYCLE (mesocycle=monthly).

Once your account has been set up, you'll receive a welcome email outlining the exact steps you’ll need to follow to get started: 

1. Create a login and password.

2. In your coaching account, there is a calendar setup where your sessions are located and carefully designed for your unique goals.

3. Each week and month, you’ll be guided by one of our VFR Coaches working within your specialized coaching program.

4. As you progress, you’ll receive custom coaching from an experienced Coach who will help you master your fitness without giving up your lifestyle or favorite foods.

How do you assess progress?

Assessments are an important component of your fitness journey. 

Whether that means checking in your nutrition tracking, habit changes, progress pictures, or movement assessments, tracking your progress is a dual process that involves both the coach and trainee. 

Depending on the program you select, you may receive custom movement assessments, nutrition habit tracking, training program troubleshooting, and body fat analysis. 

*Additional assessments are also available due to individual needs and goals.

How do you communicate?

The main form of communication relies on our strict Email/App Support Rule.

Support is unlimited however there are some key points to be aware of: 

  • You can send ONLY one email a week. 

  • The email must be all bullet points. 

  • Each bullet point is a question or comment. 

  • Each bullet point is a maximum of 3 sentences. 

  • There can be an unlimited amount of bullet points. 

You can send the email at any point of the week but we will answer it a predetermined time of the week. 

The reason for this strict outline is because of the high-quality results we aim to produce within our clients. 

Instead of having to answer hundreds of emails each week and thereby reducing our FOCUS, which is the most crucial component of a coach’s toolbox, we would NOT be able to provide the results we do within the time-frame expected. 

We are eager to do only our best work and this is how our best work is reproduced repeatedly. 

Also, depending on the program selected you may also have access to a private membership site, private Facebook Group, weekly App messaging, and group calling calls as part of your coaching journey. 

How do you track progress?

The scale will not, and should not be the only method to track weight and progress. 

  • Weight: Record your starting weight in your profile at the start of your program. 

  • Movement Screen: These are special video assessments where we can personally see your form as you perform specific exercises. 

  • Inches: Record your inch measurements under your profile (instructions are provided inside of your assessment form). 

  • Visual tracking: Take pictures front/side/back (instructions are provided inside of your assessment form). 

  • Commitment/Accountability: Check-in at the beginning of the session. Aim to complete at least 3-4 workouts a week. 

  • Strength: Record the weight used for every workout. Each week the goal is to increase the weight you use every set by 2-5 pounds (depending on your training level)

Do you have a cancellation/refund policy?

We offer a 100% money-back guarantee on ALL coaching programs if the following rules below are followed:

1. You have committed to at least 12 months of coaching and have NOT seen any visible results.

2. You have followed your Coach’s guidance each week and attended coaching sessions, group calls, and completed each week’s assignment on time. 

Pausing: Written notice should be provided at least two weeks ahead of time when a pause is needed for your coaching program. 

The time will be credited at the end of the program period. Each client has a maximum of one 2-week hold period for every 6 months of coaching.