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How To Make Smart Choices In Your Vegan Fitness

Coaching makes a difference. An elevated difference.

In fact, when you have evidence-based coaching on your side, this can impact your progress more than any 90-day program or quick diet fix.

To summarize coaching, a good definition is ‘A form of development in which an experienced person, called a coach, supports a learner or client in achieving a specific personal or professional goal by providing support and guidance.’

Creating a new lifestyle, installing new habits, or finally learning how to overcome your fitness limiting beliefs can be a challenging task for even the strongest amongst us. 

You are, in fact, creating a new version of yourself when you choose to undertake such a journey. 

Nevertheless, it’s more common these days to find coaching degraded to lower levels of expertise and being brandished across social media as an easy way to make quick money. 

Mind you, coaching is a high-level service that when executed properly has the potential to transform your life. 

So what makes online coaching so different from personal training? 

Well, there’s several components to double-check when you’re making the choice to invest in yourself and fitness.

Here’s a simple breakdown:



Online Coaching

Personal Training



Don’t have to fit the trainer’s schedule as much

The trainer can only work so many sessions per hour, so they are selective with their time slots. Meaning you can only book in on certain days at certain times.



You can meet your trainer anywhere, any time via the Internet

Want a high-quality personal trainer, but there are none in your area? 

You have to go to where they are.



$300-600 per month on average

$50-120 per hour

2-3 times per week

$150-360 per week

$600-1440 per month


Extra help

Video assistance at the click of a button. You can watch it as many times as you want

You have to wait to see your trainer again to get help.


Technique analysis

Video analysis to show you what areas need to be worked out. They don’t just see it once, they watch it over and over again to give well thought out, constructive feedback

Standing beside you critiquing your form, but may not be as experienced as the online coach (could go either way)



You control your goals, you control your schedule, you control what you can handle that day.

Your goals are often dictated by the trainer’s preferences and what they want for you (could happen online as well)


Session Duration

Your sessions take just as long as they need to. No longer, no shorter.

No wasting time. The session time is molded to your goals. 

Sessions tend to be an hour because the trainer is forced to train that long by his or her company’s session standard.


Trainer Burnout

Online coaches don’t always work 12-14 hour days, meaning they’re usually “fresh” when you talk to them. This results in better feedback and coaching.

Trainers in private and commercial often work endlessly to “hit quotas” and always perform better than the month before. The pressure to sell often leads trainers becoming overworked, stressed, and burnt out. Offering lower quality service for more money.



When it comes to online coaching, there is a certain level of self-efficacy required to maintain progress without having a personal trainer by your side constantly. This forces you to connect deeply with your own inner motivation. 

Personal trainers can be very useful in providing a steady supply of in-person motivation which can help kickstart your workouts and keep you motivated. The downside? You end up relying on external motivation rather than connecting with your true motivations. 


Nutrition Coaching

Online coaching is capable of incorporating nutrition seamlessly into training protocols without giving up your favorite foods

In-person training does not include nutrition coaching (except for the random protein shake reminder). 


Habit Coaching

Habits can be tracked into a comprehensive fitness program which means you get leaner, look better, and gain more energy without living in the gym.

Habit coaching is virtually impossible to do with in-person training due to the lack of time, overflow of clients for the trainer, and inability to track habits effectively (without a systematic coaching software)


Using the table above gives you a good idea which option works best for your goals.  

Having worked as an in-person trainer for over half a decade, there’s a ton of benefits that can be reaped from working with a in-person professional. 

Motivation, high-energy workouts, and an added boost of help are common with these kinds of training sessions. 

With that said, there’s also the elephant in the room.

Personal training does not address all areas of health and fitness. 

In fact, it only covers a small percentage of fitness when you look at the whole picture of fitness. 

Habits, nutrition, and MINDSET coaching are sorely missing when it comes to creating long-term results in your fitness journey. 

And these areas are fundamental for making the long-term changes necessary to create a vegan physique you can be proud of.  

Consider this. 

95% of people who lose weight will regain it within 5 years. 

Facing this challenge is what needs to be addressed.  

Without deep, high-level coaching designed to handle ALL areas of your fitness, the chances are high that you’ll end up in the 95% of population that exists above. 

By 2030, it’s also estimated over 50% of adults in the United States will be obese.

This is an epidemic. 

While I love the idea of personal training and have dedicated a large portion of my life towards the practice of helping others in their fitness, the numbers above don’t lie. 

When it comes to real life-changing results, nothing can match the high-level changes that results from online coaching.

Paired with the fact that you have the ability to work the best regardless of location, why not invest in someone or a group of people who have the power to help you create your ideal vegan fitness lifestyle?

The choice lies in your hands. 

If you’re ready to make the next step in your vegan fitness and become a fit vegan inspiration for your community, apply here for a chance to work with real vegan pro’s who can help guide you.

Why wouldn't you?

Looking forward to seeing your v-gains! 🙂

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Hi! My name is Gabriel. After spending years in frustration and struggling with low levels of self-esteem, I made a commitment to becoming a positive example in my health and fitness as a fit vegan. It's my mission to help vegans become vegan role models and unlock their true potential too. :)


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