Congrats! And Welcome to our Fit Vegan Family :)

You're booked for our Vegan Lean & Toned Masterclass!

Listen below for class instructions 👇

Action Steps

1. Add class time into your calendar (zoom link attached to google event)

2. Join our free community Vegan Fitness Redefined Community to access training and further fit vegan resources 

3. Come prepared to watch on laptop with pen, paper, and water (you'll retain 50% more by showing up fully prepared) ;)

Masterclass Time and Date

June 22nd

7pm EST / 4pm PST

*We’ll send you a few reminder emails to follow-up and confirm your attendance. 

Join our free Vegan Fitness Redefined Community

IMPORTANT: This live class will be jam-packed with high-level vegan value and will have more actionable steps you can apply immediately than most paid programs that 'experts' charge you - even though it's free.

With that said - be ready to take notes and implement. We'll also be staying after the class to stay as long as possible to answer all of your questions. 

➡️Masterclass will be held live from zoom link inside of Vegan Fitness Redefined Community

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