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8-Week Plant-Based Strength Program (Home-Based)

With all the chaos in the world regarding COVID-19, there is much reason to feel frustrated, depressed, or even angry.

Yet hope is not lost.

As Denis Waitley kindly reminds us, “There are two primary choices in life. One to accept circumstances for how they are; or two to accept the responsibility for changing your circumstances.”

Yes, gyms are closing and may never reopen again.

Yes, the economy may be slowly crumbling as we speak.

Yes, your gains from the gym may slowly fade away.

Or not.

The choice always lies within ourselves.

Facing ourselves and what our lives are teaching us may be the greatest gift that this sinister virus has given us.

An opportunity to look more closely at our minds and hearts and listen to the message that they are telling us.

With the addition of less activity and more silence in our societies, the space opens for new growth, new innovation, and new changes.

The current situation is what you will make of it.

And your physical activity and body?

This also remains to be seen, as the choice also lies within your grasp.

Using a simple system which is tailored to your needs and goals is imperative in order to continue to see results in your physique.

That being said, it can be very easy to feel overwhelmed and confused with so much information and misinformation abundantly rampant on the Internet.

The purpose of this article is to simplify your fitness programming with a specific eye on body-weight/home-based training.

As with gym training, the main emphasis should still lie on compound movements (total-body).

Since you may not have full access to the same training equipment as the gym, let’s assume that you have nothing more than a pair of 20-pound dumbbells and your body weight (if you don’t have dumbbells, don’t worry you can still progress with your body-weight).

Looking at the big picture of your training, incorporating compound movements remains crucial in order to stimulate the larger muscle groups and do more work without adding unnecessary work.

Since home-based training tends to be easier to recover from compared to heavy strength training at the gym, adapting the frequency to achieve optimal results can also be useful.

Let’s look at how this would look on paper for an 8-Week Home Program.

Using the outline above, you can now begin to structure your workout into an organized fashion while allowing you to incorporate the principles of progressive overload and compound movements into your training even if you only have access to limited equipment. 

The main focus of this phase is to break-in to the movement patterns while learning to move safely. The principle of time under tension is prevalent here. 

Be mindful of your control of the weight and progress each week steadily. 

Coaching Cues

Focus on stabilizing and learning the movements by practicing the movements with slow form.

Use a 3-1-2-0 tempo (with a slow lowering in each movement) to maximize body stability.

Use the following protocol to help guide each workout's progress below:

Sets: 3

Reps: 10-12

Rest: 60s

Intensity: RPE - 6

Tempo: 3-1-2-0

*For the movement preparation (mobility, stability, and dynamic flexibility) and regeneration, use 1 set.

Similar to Phase 1 in structure but different in the physiological outcome, the purpose of this phase is to stimulate more activation in the various muscle groups while focusing on lifting heavier with more intensity. 

Ideally, this will lead to added lean muscle growth while executed properly with proper nutrition and mindset. 

Use these articles here or here to guide your nutrition protocols if you have any questions. 

Coaching Cues

Focus on lower rep ranges and more intense strength effort per session. Use the guidelines below to help guide your progress.

Sets: 3

Reps: 8-10

Rest: 60s

Intensity: RPE (7-8)

Tempo: 2-0-1-0

*For the movement preparation (mobility, stability, and dynamic flexibility) and regeneration, use 1 set.

Also a few notes from the program above:

  1. As with all programs, the most effective way to progress is to be consistent and do your best each session. That being said, as busy professionals, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and want to give up after missing a session. Don’t do this.  Stay consistent and focus on doing your best each day - this is what creates real momentum in your fitness. 
  2. Use the training protocol below to help guide any questions or comments you may have about the program. 
  3. You can find downloadable and printable links to all 8 weeks of training inside both clickable buttons above (included with exercises demonstrations and tracking).

Keeping your fitness intact as our world adapts to a new way of living can be challenging. 

Yet, as plant-based professionals, there’s a certain drive that pulls us forward each day which allows us to tap into ourselves and BE more. 

Do you know someone who could benefit from reading this article? Share this article with ONE friend who could use the extra motivation. Thanks! 

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Hi! My name is Gabriel. After spending years in frustration and struggling with low levels of self-esteem, I made a commitment to becoming a positive example in my health and fitness as a fit vegan. It's my mission to help vegans become vegan role models and unlock their true potential too. :)


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