Eugene Transformation Story: Listen here

“The greatest thing that I experienced working with Gabe is that I was able to get back going very quickly.  You know what I enjoyed the most about working with Gabriel is that he’s very personable. 

After only 4 weeks of working together, I was able to regain mobility in my shoulder. I’m up to 20 body-weight push-ups without feeling any pain. Plus my bench press has increased 30 pounds."

David Transformation Story: Listen here

“I typically have problems with my eating habits and laziness. I just wanted to overcome these motivational issues. This program definitely helped with that. Thank you. 

It’s always a struggle dealing with peer pressure and you like to go out and eat with friends and end up regretting it. 

You gave me a training plan, nutrition plan, challenged me and helped set goals for me. 

I look forward to working out, to my sessions in the gym, and I look forward to more and more progress every time.  Definitely a positive addiction.” 

Rocco Transformation Story: Listen here

“He helped me tremendously with the pain in my back.  He took the time to explain what he was doing, why he was doing it, and I received immediate comfort.  

The pain to a great degree, has subsided.  I don’t think you’ll be dissatisfied, in fact I think you’ll be VERY satisfied with his work.”

Francis Transformation Story: Listen here

“It’s like one of the best things that’s ever happened in my life.  In terms of the working out, the weight training, the cardio. You know, I’ve lost weight, gained muscle, mobility.

It’s been nothing short of miraculous, I’m overjoyed and telling everybody about it. Gabriel, you are a Miracle Worker. You’ve helped transform me and you aren’t going anywhere.”  

Jean Transformation Story: Listen here

“I had my left knee replaced and I was veryyy fearful. Gabriel was great because he helped me with his great sense of humor and a great deal of encouragement. 

Even when I couldn’t do all the movements, he still motivated me by being positive and helping push me.” 

Philomena Transformation Story: Listen here

“Gabriel is terrific.  When you first meet a trainer, you’re not sure if you’ll like them or not like them.  And I certainly immediately liked Gabriel. He’s always interested in how you’re feeling.  

I felt that he knew the body well enough to be able to assist me.  I really enjoyed working with him. 

He’ll correct when necessary and push you when necessary but always appropriately. He does care that you succeed. There’s no doubt that I would recommend Gabriel. 

I can only say good things about him and I’m a tough, cranky, New Yorker.”  

Barbara Transformation Story: Listen here

“I’ve been working with Gabriel and my life has changed TREMENDOUSLY for the BETTER. Before I started working with Gabriel, I felt insecure, unsure, nervous EVEN though I wanted to work out. 

I didn’t know what to do and what would get me the RESULTS that I wanted. 

By working with Gabriel, he’s taught me so much about nutrition, weight lifting, conditioning - all the things to get a LEAN and TONED body. 

He goes ABOVE and BEYOND what he needs to do."

Kathy Transformation Story: Listen here

“The biggest doubt that I had to work with Gabe was that I had been with my other trainer for years. 

I wondered how it would be to adjust to someone different. That was soon allayed, my doubt, because Gabe and I got along TERRIFICALLY, and I LOVE his methods. 

What I love MOST about us working together, I think it’s the fact that he pushes me. He has me lifting heavier weights that I ever thought I could.

More reps than I ever thought I could and he does it a FUN way while encouraging me. 

I realized from working together is that I CAN do more than I ever thought could. I never thought I could lift those heavy weights and do those reps."

Sharad Transformation Story: Listen here

“I’ve never done any serious GYM work before and because of my age (66), I was concerned about a variety of things like if is this doable at my age, what if I get injured, how do I stay injury-free, and YET achieve some of the GAINZ I was looking for. 

I was scared and didn’t have the confidence. 

The most I had done before I met Gabriel was lift 10 pounds.  

Since working with Gabriel, it’s been a whole DIFFERENT LEVEL of what we’ve been able to achieve. 

I really enjoy us working together because of our camaraderie and having CONFIDENCE that Gabriel would help me along the way while staying injury-free and accomplishing my goals.

200% I would recommend Gabriel."

Sandra Transformation Story: Listen here

(English translation) 

“When I met Gabriel, my goal was to change my body and increase my movements because I didn’t feel confident in myself.

He’s a fun person to work with and he helps with NOT only with your body but also your mind and emotions. 

He’s very good at inspiring you. 

I feel like I’ve been able to achieve my goals by rebuilding my self-belief.  

I started with 20 pounds in squats and now I’m lifting 115 pounds.

My leg press is at 135 pounds now and I want even more!"

Alberto Transformation Story: Listen here

“When I first wanted to start working out, I had a lot of objections.

When I first started working with Gabriel, he helped me start to rebuild my confidence.  All my doubts began to disappear. 

I really enjoy working with Gabriel because NOT only is he my Coach, he’s my friend.  

He keeps me updated on my workouts, my health, and my nutrition. 

I really recommend him to ANYBODY.  I talk about him to all of my friends.  

I’m really happy with our time together."

Pia Transformation Story: Listen here

“I’m not really the kind of person who likes to work out.  

I was really unsure and unmotivated.

Because I didn’t really know what to do, I knew I had to HIRE a PROFESSIONAL. 

He helped me with my body type, how to improve myself, my nutrition, and my strength training. 

For example, for my squats, I started at 20 pounds and NOW I’m at 95 pounds and this proves to me that I’ve improved myself even though it’s only been a couple of months. 

It’s pretty IMPRESSIVE."

Johnny Transformation Story: Listen here

“When I first heard about Gabriel, I didn’t believe that he could help me out.

But I decided to try him out and he’s helped me out a LOT! 

One of my challenges was that I was confused.  He helped me out by learning how to train and this was super helpful for me. 

He taught me a lot of stuff.  How to exercise, how to be healthy, how to move, so much.

He always helps me to be positive by helping rebuild my self-belief and I recommend him because he’s a GOOD ONE."

Noah Transformation Story: Listen here

“When I first started my program with Gabe, I never had any doubts about it.

I’m 32 years old and I knew it was TIME to get into shape. You’ve gotta use it or lose it.

What I love about Gabriel is his endless pool of positivity, encouragement, he’s always there for YOU when you need him. 

I’ve gone from maybe one of my worst shapes in my life to the BEST shape I’ve ever been. 

I’m stronger than I’ve EVER been. 

I can do things I wasn’t capable of before.  I move better, I stand taller, it’s done a lot for my self-confidence, all positives on all fronts!

You get REAL value working with him."

Marian Transformation Story: Listen here

Marian went from being unable to workout in public and doubting herself every time she worked out, to lifting weights several times weekly.  

Not only was she able to move past her fears of weightlifting but she was able to learn about how her body works and how to improve her form.

She went from lifting 1 pound weights all the way to 35 pounds in her squats (more than she could ever imagine)

“Definitely would definitely recommend Gabriel to anyone because he listens, wants you to share, and he helps work through all of your emotions and you NEED that.”

Praveen Transformation Story: Listen here

When Praveen first started, he hardly thought he would be capable of transforming his body.

He worked long hours, was in his mid 30’s and had spent most of his life thinking that his body couldn't be changed. 

He didn’t think it was possible to make a shift to his body, especially after so long. 

Fast forward. 

He trains regularly, tracks his nutrition, and is accountable to his fitness.

From going from ‘can I?’ to ‘yes I can!’, every part of his workout fuels his day and makes him feel like he’s capable of more than he thought.

“Gabriel keeps me on track and helps me step up my game to the next level plus he keeps us accountable.

Would I recommend Gabriel to others? My question is to you, ‘WHY NOT?”

Dr. Lacey: Listen here

Look, even physical therapists recommend our work!