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The 3 Worst Mistakes Busy Vegan Professionals Make Trying To Lose Weight

Having trained hundreds of people in my business, there are 3 patterns that show up more than anything else and why it keeps busy high achievers from crafting their best physique ever. 

Tired of making these mistakes? Read on. 

There was a time when I thought I could run my entire business by myself.  The myth of the entrepreneur who does everything by himself seems to pervade our entire society.

Being independent seems vitally important to our culture. Being dependent on each other? 

Not so much.

The truth though? 

My biz struggled to make any momentum. 

I felt constantly stressed out and my quality of service dipped lower and lower the busier I got. 

So how does this relate to your fitness and mistakes that you should stop making?

Here’s the 3 worst mistakes busy professionals make in their fitness: 

Worst Mistake #1:  You use improperly designed workouts or random fitness plans which aren’t customized for your body.  

Because of your high achievements and GO-GETTER mentality, you start to either go too crazy with your workouts or skip the intensity and pick random workouts on YouTube. 

The truth is that fitness is a multi-faceted approach to life that requires you to have support and accountability along the way. 

Even though fitness info is FREE nowadays (along with bro-science #cringe), the key to maintaining consistent progress along the path of crafting your best physique ever is to use the right resources.

Use a properly designed strength training program which will help you strip off the fat, shed the pounds, and sculpt a lean muscular body.

The intensity of the weights and consistency of strength training will help gain you that extra burst of testosterone which will help fuel your entire day without living on coffee or energy drinks. 

A good example of a properly designed strength training program? 

Here’s an easy template you can use now: 

<img draggable=Create a training phase.  Just like a strong building needs a blueprint before it can be built, your fitness needs to be designed carefully in order to create the adaptations that you want. Good examples include strength endurance, hypertrophy (muscle growth), max strength, or fat loss. Whatever your specific goal is, your training phase needs to be focused on making this the pinnacle focus on your training.

<img draggable=After you have your training phase, you’ll need to start organizing your movement patterns. The goal is to create patterns which flow together and help you create organized movements that mesh well together.  Adding lunges with squats would be a good flow movement because both of them are lower-body knee dominant exercises. 

<img draggable=A good strength training program reaches far beyond the strength exercises themselves.  The focus can always be on your training phases but movement preparation and regeneration are also key components of your workouts.  Start each session with mobility, stability, and dynamic flexibility movements and end each workout with a thorough foam rolling session followed by a series of static stretches to help elongate your tight muscles. 

Your training day should look similar to this structure when you’re done:


BIRD DOG – 1 x 10


SIDE PLANK – 1 x 40s

Dynamic Flexibility: 

HIGH KICKS- 1 x 12



Primary Movements:  

A1. LB KD: DB FRONT SQUAT – 3 x 12 


A3. LB HD: DB SUMO DL – 3 x 12 

Secondary Movements: 

B1. UB HPUSH: PUSHUPS – 3 x 12 



Tertiary/Rehab Movements: 

C1. LB KD: REVERSE LUNGE – 3 x 12 




Treadmill Sprints

15-20m: 45s HIIT : 30r

Increase HIIT by 10s each time, add 10 rest per increase

Max -25m per HIIT session


FOAM QUAD: 1 x 30s ea

FOAM ADDUCTORS:  1 x 30s ea

STATIC FROG: 1 x 30s ea


Worst Mistake #2:  You use random diets or meal plans that go too extreme in one macronutrient and fail to maintain a consistent eating schedule where you FUEL your body rather than starve your body. 

Late night snacking or skipping breakfast makes up the main portion of your nutrition.  

Try this instead.

Eat whole foods and use a proper nutrition plan by prepping your meals in advance the week before.  

Focus on food quality and plan your meals out.  Nutrition needs to be strategically planned out just like your business plans.

Planning your week the Sunday before is the best way to set yourself up for success for the week ahead not only in your business but in your fitness. 

Add your meal prepping and shopping times into Google Calendar just like they were client appointments. 

Don’t expect to magically conjure a fully prepped out meal like the Hogwarts eating hall without taking the time to craft your mealtimes and food preps. 

Keep it simple and focus on consistency rather than perfection. 

This mistake alone could be costing you more than you can imagine if you haven’t optimized this yet. 

Check out my Free Cheatsheet on the 5 Highly Effective Ridiculously Simple Fat Loss Habits if you’re interested in creating more consistency rather than conjuring. 

Worst Mistake #3:  You think fitness can be achieved all by yourself so you use Men’s Health, GQ, or the latest YouTube fitness workouts and ignore the idea of working with a Coach. 

While these are all great resources to tap into and be inspired by, they all FAIL in the same regard because they don’t hold you ACCOUNTABLE each week to your specific goals which will give you real results. 

The reason why most high achievers fail in their fitness? 

Because they think they can do it all by themselves. 

Asking for help is a sign of maturity.  Thinking you can do this whole fitness thing by yourself isn’t. 

Ask for help. 

Look for a mentor.

Hire a Coach who understand your problems and can give you the customized solution that you crave. 

The people who see the most success in life are the people who are always learning and growing. 

Working with mentors who have paved the way before you is an extremely effective way to avoid years of struggle and hardship without having to live their exact same life experiences. 

I consider it a gift to have been able to work and learn with some of the brightest minds in my industry and to be able to give back to my community. 

Do the same and you’ll be amazed at how much you grow in a rapid amount of time. 

That’s it my friends.  

If you’re ready to stop making these 3 WORST MISTAKES in your fitness journey TODAY, then join us inside of ProPlant Community.

You’ll get coached by us each week on how to train without living in the gym, how to eat without giving up your favorite foods, and the support of a strong community of GO-GETTERS to keep you motivated daily. 

Click here to join now. 

We’ll see ya on the inside. 

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Hi! My name is Gabriel. After spending years in frustration and struggling with low levels of self-esteem, I made a commitment to becoming a positive example in my health and fitness as a fit vegan. It's my mission to help vegans become vegan role models and unlock their true potential too. :)


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