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3 Powerful Secrets For Busy, Plant-Based Athletes

Being lean and strong is a goal that everyone can relate to. 

The idea of having high levels of strength while still maintaining a low level of body fat percentage is attainable for every busy plant-based lifter out there. 

It comes down to this 3 Secrets which every lean lifter knows and applies on a daily basis. 

Here’s how you too can achieve low levels of leanness and strength while maintaining your plant-based lifestyle.

Secret 1

Caloric intake is precise for every lean plant-based lifter. 

There’s no guessing or random stabs in the dark regarding the exact amount each lean lifter needs to intake. 

Since your goal is to reach a low level of body fat, knowing the right amount of calories in order to maintain your fat loss if you’re in a deficit or your surplus if you’re building, is crucial towards crafting the lean physique you have in mind. 

There’s no fluff or intuitive eating here. 

Mastering this secret is vital if your goal is truly to be lean and maintain your level of leanness for long periods of time. 

Precision is exactly how you can make your goal a reality without falling prey to random thoughtless tactics like tea detoxes or hours of cardio on the treadmill. 

Here’s a few useful tools you can use to make your calculations easy.


FitBit Tracker


Secret 2

Positive thought patterns. 

Commonly known as a positive mindset, I’ve come to the conclusion after working with hundreds of in-person clients and dozens of online clients that the most effective way to master your fitness is to master your mind.

Yes, nutrition and training play key roles in the individual’s unique physiological journey however without taking a hard look at your mind and how you think... life-long transformation will not become a reality. 

Limiting belief systems, or beliefs that hold us back from becoming who we are meant to be, are the cause for millions of pounds that are put on every year, thousands of medical diagnoses for health related diseases, and the reason why most people quit the gyms in February after their New Year’s Resolutions. 

While it may not seem like that at first, the truth is the way you think creates your present reality. 

Believe that you are destined to be unhealthy and you will experience that reality.

Believe that you are meant to be constantly tired and stressed and that’s what you’ll find. 


  • Believe that you are healthy and vibrant and you will experience that reality. 
  • Believe that you are fit and strong and you will experience that reality. 
  • Believe that you are capable of achieving anything you set your mind and that's what you'll experience.

Make no mistake.

Your mind is the cause and source of everything you experience.

Tap into that source and you’ll find yourself growing every single day of your life. 

Secret 3 

Strength training is the foundation for strength, muscle growth, and fat loss. It enhances your performance, speed, and flexibility. 

Simultaneously, you also increase your longevity, slow down the ageing process, and improve overall health and fitness levels.

The case for strength training has been laid clearly for us to see. 

The question that remains is what’s the optimal route for your strength training journey without living in the gym or giving up your lifestyle?

Instead of focusing on the branches of superficial aspects of strength training, let’s look deeper at the roots or principles.

Strength Training Principles

1. Strength First And Foremost

Strength is the foundation for all things in your fitness and physique. 

Without a strong foundation in this area improving muscle growth, accelerating fat loss, or optimizing your sports performance won’t become a reality. 

Simply put, you need to make strength training the focus. 

Going into the gym with the intention to lift heavy and often will impact your body physiologically from increased muscle size, improved muscle tone, stronger bone density, and improved reflexes. 

Not to mention the effect on your metabolism with added fat burning and physical strength increased.

Put strength first and everything improves simultaneously. 

2. Compound Movements Over Ancillary Movements 

The more you move, the more you grow and improve. 

With that said, the more muscle groups you actively engage, the more your physique will improve and allow you to progress in your fitness journey. 

Compound movements can be defined as movements which require multiple muscle groups. 

Organizing your workouts into movement patterns can also be an effective way of creating workouts that give you results instead of chasing results. 

Ancillary movements on the other hand are movements which engage 1-2 muscle groups. 

They tend to be small muscle groups, don’t require big movement patterns, and have a lower energy expenditure. You can think of these as your bonus movements like the rims on your car. 

Focus on your compound movements and progress will be constant.

Add in the ancillary movements ONLY when you’ve consistent in your compounds. 

3. More Volume And Less Exercise Variety

There seems to be a line of thought which has trainees using dozens of different exercises within a single workout. 

Throughout their entire training week, they may be using hundreds of different exercises in order to stimulate more muscle growth, shred fat, and improve performance. 

While this may sound absurd, this is what most people tend to do regarding their workouts. 

It’s easy to get caught up in the latest fitness trend which promotes 20 different exercises compiled from a fit body bootcamp. 

However if your intentions are to create a physique which you can be proud of rather than one which is bouncy and bouncing from exercise to exercise, it’s time to look at overall training volume instead of your exercise variety. 

To conclude, learning these secrets isn’t enough to change your fitness or physique habits.

However using them on a consistent basis and making them part of who you are can change your current path and create the vision you have in mind. 

If you’re ready to take the next step and make your fitness goals a reality, we would be happy to point you in the right direction. 

Apply here for a chance to work in one of our limited online coaching slots. 

Looking forward to seeing you master your fitness!

References and Further Reading

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Hi! My name is Gabriel. After spending years in frustration and struggling with low levels of self-esteem, I made a commitment to becoming a positive example in my health and fitness as a fit vegan. It's my mission to help vegans become vegan role models and unlock their true potential too. :)


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