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Training Levels: For Busy Vegan Professionals

Building muscle takes a long time as you may have guessed. 

Even when you are training hard, being consistent at the gym, there comes a point when you wonder if you can keep seeing gains in your physique and muscle growth. 

It can be frustrating to keep lifting weights every week and not see the progress that you were initially seeing the first 6 months of training. Does seeing more gains begin to dry up after this point?

If you’ve built up a solid foundation and you’re training hard, tracking nutrition, sleeping well, and thinking positively, there may be something deeper involved with your training. 

Remember fitness is a multi-faceted approach to your physique and life and while it can sometimes be an external factor (or internal as well), it may just come down to reviewing your training protocols. 

So how do you know if you need to review? 

Well, regardless of your training level or experience, you should be tracking your progress regularly to make sure you’re making consistent forward progress. 

That being said, your training progress will come down to several factors including your training age and experience. 

Now, while most guys can easily boast about having trained for years or decades at the gym, this doesn’t necessarily translate to them being very advanced in training years. 

What does that mean? 

It means that although you may have trained several years consistently at the gym, without adding more advanced protocols into your training in each training progression, it can be easy to stay stuck in a lower training level. 

Each training level is comprised of various factors including training experience, training know-how, and physical strength. Most of us have never come close to expressing our full genetic potential. 

Here’s how you can evolve to the next step of your physique evolution. 

Level 1 

This is the novice trainee.  This is someone who has little to no experience lifting weights and has recently begun their training journey.  This phase lasts for 6 months to a full year depending on age, gender, effort, and consistency.

Many people tend to yo-yo between novice trainee and advanced novice trainee for many years because they haven’t broken the cycle of negative thoughts and limiting belief systems. 

Once you shatter those barriers? 

It’s onto the next training level.

Level 2

The intermediate trainee emerges here. This training age can be anywhere from 6 months up to 2 years. At this point, the trainee has mastered the basics of training and has built a solid base of strength and muscle. 

Many guys who brag about being highly advanced are most likely at this stage even though they may have been training for decades. 

Don’t confuse physical age with training age. 

Training age is comprised of consistent strength training, forward progress, and continual growth in strength and muscle gains. 

Level 3

The advanced trainee. Only a few people reach this stage and I guarantee you, that the guys who are boasting the most about this level tend to be the furthest from it. 

Keep a close eye for the silent, intensely focused individuals in your gym. You may find a rare gem in these individuals due to their vast wealth of experience and know-how in strength training. 

This stage is reached after 2-5 years of consistent strength training using the right strategies per stage which allow you to progress consistently each year. 

There’s also another level which could be considered but this is uncommon and you won’t tend to see people of this caliber hanging around your local bench press… 

Level 4

The Elite Trainee is reached after 5+ years of advanced strength training. World-class powerlifters, champion physique or bodybuilder competitors, and even certain martial artists can fit nicely into this category. 

This is the top 1% of the world population.  

Reaching this level indicates an extreme level of self-discipline, work ethic, and commitment to yourself and training. A worthy aspiration for all trainees to be sure. 

So now you have a strong foundation of the various training levels and their backgrounds. You’ve hopefully identified where exactly you fall on the training age scale, and now know how to recognize where you need to progress. 

But this leads into the next question that you have on your mind…How exactly do I progress? 

There are 2 principles if you master now, will allow you to understand progression and continual growth for the rest of your life.


The principle of specific adaption to imposed demands states that an organism adapts to a specific stimulus imposed upon it. For example a human being, (the organism), adapts to strength training (the stimulus) by continuous training. 

In other words, you get better at strength training by doing it more often and being consistent in your training. Simple enough, right? 

Yet how often do you see the gyms overflowing every January, ony to see ghost towns emerge come mid-February. Don’t mistake this principle for training for a few months and then quitting for a few months and then training again and so on…

Once you make a commitment to craft your best physique ever, you’ll need to ensure that your actions are congruent with what you’re thinking and saying. 

Sure, everyone says they’re going to get into a ripped body shape every year. Yet how many of those people follow through and are consistent with their actions month after month, year after year? 

Master this concept and you’ll find yourself progressing faster than the people who spend more time working their facial muscles. 

Progressive Overload

In order to continuously see growth in your strength and muscles, then you have to continuously add more intensity by manipulating training variables (factors) in some way or another. 

As a novice trainee, this can be as simple as adding more weight to the bar each time you train.  However are you become more and more advanced, simple strategies, like lifting heavier begins to get a bit more technical. 

Essentially what this principle reminds us is that in order to get strong, build a powerful physique, and create a body that turns heads, you’ll need to make sure your training intensity is consistently matched to your training phase. 

So now you’ve recognized what training level you’re at, how to progress, and what you need to do. 

You have all the tools to set up your best physique ever… or do you? 

The last step in your training progression is to track your progress. 

Without a foundation to your training and the stats to back them up, the likelihood that you’ll progress gracefully from level to level is slim to none. 

If you’re already familiar with tracking, then hearing this won’t be new for you. 

But what if you could take your tracking to the next level? Not just tracking your workout stats, but other foundational habits that help create the base of your fitness. 

Simply put, you’ll learn how to master the foundation of your fitness habits once and for all without giving up your lifestyle. 

Expert coaching and world-class acccountability are the keys to unlocking your best physique ever. Ready to grow to next level? 

Click here to apply now. 

See you on the inside!

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