Simplify Your Vegan Meals - The Smart Vegan Way

Ready to simplify your vegan nutrition?

Craft delicious, vegan meals EVERY week without living in the kitchen or worrying about your vegan macros.  

80+ page VFR Recipe Collection for busy vegans who want to create vegan meals that taste good without living in the kitchen or spending hours doing meal prep. 

Over 39 Brand-new Recipes to give you variety and enjoyment in your vegan nutrition with carefully labeled recipes (ranging from gluten-free, to meal prep/freezer friendly, to high protein, and quick under 30 minutes). 

2-Week Meal Planner + Weekly Shopping List to help plan out your vegan meals EVERY week while feeling confident in your meal prep. PLUS BONUS SCANNABLE MyFitnessPal Codes on each recipe to track your vegan meals without worrying about your macros.  

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