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Why Vegans Need Clear Fitness Goals

Fitness is a life-long journey. 

It be an uplifting yet challenging path for anyone who has worked on their fitness for a long period of time. 

It also helps having clear goals. 

Yet, sometimes goal-setting can be left in the rush to make more progress.

Don't do this.

Good goal-setting leads to better programs, great results, and training more effectively without living in the gym. 

While goal-setting may not be new to those who train, there are a few ways to make goal-setting more specific for your performance and physique goals without falling prey to the latest fitness trend. 

Principle 1

When it comes to crafting goals that compel you to train hard, there needs to be a powerful motivating reason for your goal. 

Especially with strength training, training intensity is an invaluable asset to have on your side. 

Although many people go to the gym, the difference between exercising and training lies in the intensity and progression of a trainee’s workouts. 

What this means is that lifting weights isn't enough.

What is necessary is sufficient level of intensity every time you train.

Progression overload is another key component. 

So how does this all tie into your motivating reasons to train?

Without a powerful reason that drives you forward each day, training with the required intensity will not show up.

The more connected you are to your fitness goals, the more likely you'll be able to reach them. 

Connect with your fitness why, your reasons for training, and your training becomes much simpler. 

Principle 2

Once you know why you want to train, becoming clear with the outcome of training is the next step. 

Clarity is important.

The more clear you are about exactly what you want to achieve from your training, the more likely you are to reach your goals. 

In fact, there are numerous studies that show the more specific our goals are, the more likely they are to become real. 

Add in emotions and now you have an emotionally charged goal that compels you to move forward each day and inevitably reach your goal.

Having this kind of mindset can turbo boost your training results and guarantee the outcomes you want without having to rely on ineffective fitness trends or silly dieting methods. 

Here’s a simple 5 step process to create a compelling goal:

  1. Spend 5-10 minutes where you can sit down quietly and begin to connect with your goal. Let any thoughts of your outcomes slowly begin to come to mind and become clearer inside. 
  2. As you become more connected to your goal, take out a paper and pen, and begin to write down what you see in your mind. Is it an image, a location, a specific body type? Whatever you see in your mind, write it down as detailed as you can, using as many adjectives as possible to make it more emotional. 
  3. With your goal written clearly in front of you, place a specific deadline for your fitness goal to become real. Make it specific, measurable, and realistic. If your goal is to drop 20 pounds of fat, be realistic and give yourself a reasonable timeframe (not 4 weeks). 
  4. Now this is where the magic happens. Once your goal is written down and you’ve made it as detailed as possible while adding a specific timeline to it, it’s time to get emotional. Remember, emotions drive action and EMOTION is what will help you tap into your inner motivation and make your goals a reality. Spend the next 3-5 minutes in silence and begin to tap into your emotions, allowing yourself the freedom to FEEL what you are choosing to bring forth. 
  5. Review your goal each morning and night to create a new habit and implement steps 4-5 each day to help tap into your inner vision and stay connected to your fitness goals. 

Believe in yourself and your inner abilities to create the fitness reality that you want.

Be strong and stay steady. This is how you'll reach each of your fitness goals.

Share this with a friend who needs a friendly reminder on goal-setting.

To your goals! 🙂


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Hi! My name is Gabriel. After spending years in frustration and struggling with low levels of self-esteem, I made a commitment to becoming a positive example in my health and fitness as a fit vegan. It's my mission to help vegans become vegan role models and unlock their true potential too. :)


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